US Dollar

How to Sell

1. Merchants selling on must have an account registered via this link at

2. Please download your HDN wallet from your Google Playstore or Apple Appstore via

3. In MY ACCOUNT under VENDOR INFO, please ensure you have input your HDN wallet public address so that any merchant's incentive or reward as a result of any orders will be sent directly to your wallet.

4. Any system order received will be sent to your registered email address . You can start processing the order by checking the following order information.

    a. Payment has been made by Stripe card payment method.

    b. HDN payment has a Transaction ID stated clearly on the order that HDN tokens have been paid.

    c. Prepare for shipment of the order once item (a) and (b) are confirmed.

5. Add shipment of this order in your Vendor login.

6. Prepare shipment and arrange transportation for delivery. 

7. Get delivery information and input the Airway Bill number or Courier Delivery number in the delivery status. Mark order as SHIPPED.

8. Once delivered, mark the particular order as DELIVERED. 

9. System emails will be sent to buyer with update of your shipment and delivery.

10. Rewards of HDN tokens will be sent to your merchant HDN wallet. 

11. Payment received by Stripe Card processing will be sent to your registered merchant's bank account within 14 days from order date.

12. Monitor your daily sales orders. Promotional advertising, featured products and Sales of the Day for limited time period are available to increase your marketing effort at a fractional cost from